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8th International Vegan Festival -- Aug 6-13, 1995 -- San Diego, California


The costs for the 8th International Vegan Festival (VUNA's "A World to Share" conference) are:

  • $170 - Registration
  • $100 - Full Time Student Registration (per person)(That's outstanding, you save over 41% of the ordinary registration cost.
  • "Accommodations" means "room, meals, bedding, linen, banquet for the full convention - 8 days, 7 nights"
  • $330 - Double accommodations for youth (13-17) or FT student (per person)
  • $400 - Single accommodations for youth (13-17) or FT student
  • $410 - Double accommodations - adult (per person)
  • $480 - Single accommodations - adult
This is quite a bargain, since one is close to all the activity all the time, gets the morning yoga, walks, exercise, quickest access to the meals ALL THE TIME, can get back to one's room for shower, change, bruching teeth, unloading books and literature, forgotten materials, etc. This really turns out to be a pretty good arrangement, and staying elsewhere in town often seems to not be as good as staying on campus, where one can stay up late with the other Festival attendees and party until the wee hours, or get up early and walk, exercise, or do yoga with the other attendees in the wee hours.
  • $20 - Registration for Child, 3-12 - includes all sessions in the children's center
  • $300 - Child accommodations (double)
  • $370 - Child accommodations (single)
  • $5 - Infant registration (under age 3) - room and meals no additional charge - sharing room with parents. No bed or linens provided for infant. Infants MUST be registered! Valid ONLY with adult registration staying on campus.

Additional Benefit

With any adult, senior, or student membership, a one year personal membership will be given free for:
  • Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA) - plus subscription to "VUNA Views"
  • American Vegan Society (AVS) - plus subscription to "Ahimsa"
If one is already a member, subscription will be extended for at least 12 months.