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8th International Vegan Festival -- Aug 6-13, 1995 -- San Diego, California

Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA)
Council Members

[VUNA council meeting] "I second the motion."

"All those in favor say 'I'"

"Hi. I'm Dr. Ruth, vegan from Hawaii. Triathlete. Ironlady. I'm author of A Race For Life, a book trying to get everybody to be a vegetarian triathlete."

Dr. Ruth Heidrich
Triathlon winner
Hawaii, USA

[Dr. Ruth Heidrich]

[Larry Kaiser] This is a rare shot of Larry when he isn't cracking up with laughter.

Larry Kaiser
VUNA board member, Internet vegan activist
Dexter, Michigan, USA

"I'm Peter McQueen, president of VUNA, and past president of the great Toronto Vegetarian Association, the largest local vegetarian group in North America."

Peter McQueen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

[Peter McQueen]

[Saurabh Dalal] "Hi, I'm Saurabh Dalal, and I'm the legal secretary for VUNA, and I'm also a board member of the Vegetarian Society of D.C., which is the oldest vegetarian society in North America! And I just had a great time at this conference, and it's been a lot of fun."

Saurabh Dalal
North American Regional Secretary for the International Vegetarian Union
Maryland, USA

"Hi, I'm Lary Hayden. I'm from Greenville, South Carolina. I'm the president of the Greenville Vegetarian Association, and I'm a new member of the VUNA board. And I'm happy to be a participant here. I'm having a great time!"

Lary Hayden
Greenville, South Carolina, USA
(moved to Los Altos, California, USA)

[Lary Hayden]

[Maynard Clark] "Hi, I'm Maynard Clark from the Vegetarian Resource Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I'm past vice-president of VUNA, and founder of the Boston Vegetarian Society, and a board member there."

Maynard Clark
IVF '95 Program Planner
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

"I am Kevin Pickard. I am president of the Toronto Vegetarian Association. I am also vice-president of VUNA. I think that vegetarianism is really on the rise. Things like this conference show it. I wish to congratulate the organizers of this conference, Vegans International, VUNA, and the American Vegan Society for such a great job, and all the participants who have spent the time to give workshops and so on."

Kevin Pickard
Toronto, Canada

[Kevin Pickard]

Photographs compiled by Mark Wisdom