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The International Vegan Festival is an independent event which IVU is proud to support

How you can participate?
You can participate in
this event as a delegate
/ participant, speaker, exhibitor / seller or sponsor.

In addition to your
support for this Vegan
Festival, we also request the philanthropist in you
to donate liberally to the Indian Vegan Society to help it make it a gentler world.

11th International Vegan Festival
Celebrate Righteousness!
(The First Indian Vegan Festival)
At RNS Residency, Murdeshwar, Karnataka, India.

From Sep.30 to Oct. 06, 2007


Festival Registration and Other Charges
hotel registration, food, alternative accommodation,
speaker discounts, exhibitions, festival grants
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“On principle, vegans strive to avoid using all animals, their products (including milk) and services for purposes like food, entertainment, experimentation or the ‘activities of belief’ for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment”

Children sharing parent’s room and bed will not be charged. Food as below and extra bed at Rs.300 will be charged.

We do not guarantee the partner for sharing rooms. We can provide one if available and both are agreeable.

Food charges for non-registered participants are Breakfast Rs.150
Mid-morning tea / coffee / snacks – Rs.50
Lunch – Rs.250
Evening tea / coffee / snacks – Rs.50
Dinner – Rs.250
(subject to availability. Groups should register in advance)

US Dollar rates are calculated based on exchange rate of Rs.45 per dollar. In the event of exchange rate fluctuation, Indian Rupee rates quoted above will prevail.

Refunds for cancellations made till 31 Aug 2007 will be made subject to 25% deduction.