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The International Vegan Festival is an independent event which IVU is proud to support


Vn. Shankar Narayan
President & CEO,
Indian Vegan Society
G-10. Anem Apts.,
Margao-403 601, Goa
Ph: 92267 90284

Supported by:

Vn. (Dr.) B.V.Udupa
Radiologist & Sonologist, Kundapur, Karnataka

Vn. Manish Jain
Chartered Accountant, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Vn. Praveen Kumar
Advocate, Bangalore, Karnataka

Vn. (Dr.) Nandita Shah
Quiet Healing Centre
Tamil Nadu

What is a Vegan?
A vegan (pronounced VEE-gun) is someone who, for various reasons, chooses to avoid using animals or animal products for purposes like food, clothing, entertaining, experiments, or religious activities.

The Indian Vegan Society needs your donations to:
- establish a charity for helping economically poor vegan children with their studies
establish a permanent vegan education and exhibition centre
establish a mobile vegan education program to spread the message of truth and non-violence among school children and public
establish a vegan residential holiday home
establish an animal sanctuary

Veganism, the natural extension of vegetarianism, is an integral component of a cruelty-free lifestyle. It is ethically and morally correct way of living. Living vegan provides numerous benefits to our own health, animals' lives and to the environment.


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11th International Vegan Festival
Celebrate Righteousness!
(The First Indian Vegan Festival)
At RNS Residency, Murdeshwar, Karnataka, India.
From Sep.30 to Oct. 06, 2007


Programs & Events: (Proposed Programs – More details will be out soon):




(word - .doc files for printing)

“On principle, vegans strive to avoid using all animals, their products (including milk) and services for purposes like food, entertainment, experimentation or the ‘activities of belief’ for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment”

Accommodation at the venue and at the adjacent buildings will be provided as per the chart.

We arrange vegan food including raw food to all the registered participants. Emphasis will be given for local flavours.

There will be an exhibitions & sales area which will have place to have exhibitions on the related topics and sales of vegan goods and services.

Post Festival Tours:
Post Festival Tours will be available.

Visit to Exhibition and Speeches (if seats are available) is FREE. Festival Kits will be available for sale.

Tallest Shiva Statue in the World at Murdeshwar

Night View of the Festival Venue

Jog Falls

RNS Residency

The consumption of animal fats and proteins has been linked to heart disease, colon and lung cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, obesity, and a number of other debilitating conditions. Cows' milk contains ideal amounts of fat and protein for young calves, but far too much for humans.

Despite the common belief that drinking milk or eating eggs does not kill animals, commercialization of meat, egg and milk production has made every moment of the lives of animals miserable. Animals raised or captured for human use are tortured to make them 'use-worthy'.

Animal agriculture takes a devastating toll on the earth. It is an inefficient way of producing food, since feed for farm animals requires land, water, fertilizer and other resources that could otherwise have been used directly for producing human food.