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13th International Vegan Festival

A whole world to share

4-12 June 2011 – Málaga - Spain

The Festival motto is "A Whole World to Share", and the programme will address all matters relating to vegan nutrition, its benefits and positive social and environmental impact, including the ethical, ecological and scientific aspects of veganism, in stark contrast to the cruel unsustainable model of animal food production and the health and environmental problems derived from the consumption and exploitation of animals.

The programme for the 13th International Vegan Festival will address the issues relating to global nutrition and health, including the ethical, environmental and scientific aspects against animal exploitation, to vindicate a more healthy and compassionate vegan food ethic and lifestyle that takes into account the needs and interests of others. The benefits of rational food habits will also be highlighted as well as the dangers of the present food model, which is ethically, ecologically and socially unsustainable.

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  • “On principle, vegans strive to avoid using all animals, their products (including milk) and services for purposes like food, entertainment, experimentation or the ‘activities of belief’ for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment”