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8th International Vegan Festival -- Aug 6-13, 1995 -- San Diego, California
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[Bill Bork] "I'm so glad to be here. This has just been the most wonderful thing I've ever done in my life. Everybody should be here. It's just fabulous."

Bill Bork
Los Angeles, California, USA

"I love these festivals. I've been going for three years - three times now, and I've met some really neat people. The feeling here is so special. I met an especially wonderful person here. It's just a great time, and it's a great place to be... and eat."

Norma Jean Wallace
Conference Volunteer Coordinator, VUNA board member
California, USA

[Norma Jean Wallace]

[Rynn Berry] Smile Rynn!

"Tofu... tofu cheesecake."

Rynn Berry
Professor of Comparative Literature at Baruch University in Brooklyn, historian, author of Famous Vegetarians And Their Favorite Recipes
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Amie Hamlin
Conference Social Coordinator, Founder of Club Veg Triple Cities
Binghamton, New York, USA
[Amie Hamlin]

[Alex Hershaft] "I'm Alex Hershaft, I'm president of FARM. And I'm here at the International Vegan Festival and I'm having a great time."

Alex Hershaft, Ph.D.
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

"Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Klaper. I'm a physician and a pure vegetarian, and I wish you the very best in health, happiness, and great eating."

Michael Klaper, M.D.
Founder of the Institute For Nutrition Education And Research, author of Vegan Nutrition: Pure And Simple
Florida, USA

[Dr. Michael Klaper]

[Bob Irish] "I'm Bob Irish. I'm a recuperated heart attack victim who recuperated himself in 4 years from Dr. Klaper's panel. He asked me to write a paper and/or a book about it, which I'll be doing in the next year. And I've very much enjoyed the synergy and the leadership of this convention. It's like a mini college course, it's rejuvenated me. How many times can you be rejuvenated? But it's been very wholesome to be here, and I've enjoyed the fellowship and interaction of all the people here."

Bob Irish
Toledo, Ohio, USA

"Hello, I'm Freya Dinshah, with the American Vegan Society. I'm pleased to be part of this Vegan Festival, and to welcome so many vegans from all around the world."

Freya Dinshah
1st V.P. of the American Vegan Society, author of The Vegan Kitchen
Malaga, New Jersey, USA

[Freya Dinshah]

[Jay Dinshah] Jay Dinshah
IVF'95 Publicity Manager, President of the American Vegan Society, editor of Ahimsa, author of Out Of The Jungle
Malaga, New Jersey, USA

"I'm Tracy Reiman, with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). I'm the Vegetarian Campaign Coordinator. And it's great to be here. I've met a lot of people who are interested in vegetarianism and animal rights. Hopefully the world will be vegan soon."

Tracy Reiman
Washington, D.C., USA & England

[Tracy Reiman]

[Keith Akers] "Hi, this is Keith Akers. I'm president of the Vegetarian Society of Colorado. A chicken is not a vegetable."

Keith Akers
Author of A Vegetarian Sourcebook, former General Secretary of the Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA)
Denver, Colorado, USA

[Margaret & Brian]
Margaret Gunn-King
Brian Gunn-King
I'm Margaret Gunn-King. I'm the Vegans International coordinator in Northern Ireland. I also teach yoga there, and I'm a reflexologist. And we're having a lovely time here. We think California is beautiful.
I'm from Northern Ireland. I'm president of the Irish Vegetarian Society and the honourary treasurer of Vegans International. I'm very pleased to be here, and the food is wonderful.

"I am Francisco Martin from the Spanish Vegan Society, and I am also campaigning in Spain to abolish bullfighting."

Francisco Martin
Organizer of the 1993 International Vegan Festival in Spain

[Francisco Martin]

[Mohan Embar] "My name is Mohan Embar and I'm from Wheaton, Illinois. I've written a book called Songs And Stories For Us. I believe that a largely neglected area of our movement is that of children's songs and stories, and replacing the arbitrary fairytales with real ones that are meaningful for us. And I'd like everyone to help me in this cause. Thank you."

Mohan Embar
Wheaton, Illinois, USA
(moved to Shorewood, Wisconsin, USA)

"Hi, I'm Wanda, I'm from Holland. I'm a vegan. I think veganism is the way to go. It's healthier, it's better for the animals... go vegan!"

Wanda Embar
(moved to Shorewood, Wisconsin, USA)

[Wanda Embar]

[Earnest Samudio] "Hi. I'm Earnest Samudio I'm from Austin, Texas, and I've been a vegan for 5 years, and a vegetarian for 2 years before that. I'm loving it; it's very tiring, but I'm enjoying being here."

Earnest Samudio
Austin, Texas, USA

"My name is Stephane Hennion, and I'm from France. We've launched an animal rights association 2 years ago. And I'm the country coordinator for Vegans International."

Stephane Hennion

[Stephane Hennion]

[Vesanto Melina] "My name is Vesanto Melina, I'm a registered dietician from Seattle, Washington, and I'm the author of Becoming Vegetarian, which is a best seller in Canada, and is just coming out in the United States. I'm very pleased to be here."

Vesanto Melina
Seattle, Washington, USA

"My name is Dan Mills, I'm from England, and I've come here to the Vegan Festival in San Diego to talk about the McLibel trial, which is a mammoth legal battle going on in Britain at the moment, between two unemployed campaigners and the McDonalds Corporation. And it's been having a major case with all of the McDonalds operations being looked at in minute detail in the court case. So that's what I was talking about last night. And I'm happy to be here with so many wonderful vegans."

Dan Mills
Lawyer for the defendants in the McLibel trial

[Dan Mills]

[Francis Janes] "Hi, I'm Francis Janes. I'm with EarthSave International, and this is the first time that I've been at an international conference. I think it's one of the most wonderful things that we can do for the movement."

Francis Janes
Director of EarthSave Canada, restaurant executive
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"I'm Eric Karlsson from Australia. We have a local organization there called [Vegetarian and Natural Health]. I've been a vegan for 22 years. I'm very much into promoting veganism. I'm also a Nature Cure practitioner. I would like to spread the word of natural health."

Eric Karlsson

[Eric Karlsson]

[Dr. Brenda Andrieu] "Hi, I'm Dr. Brenda Andrieu. I'm from Middlebury, Vermont. For 25 years I've been a vegan and I belong to most of the vegetarian organizations here in America. I also have written a book called Vegetarians and Eating Issues and have written articles for our local vegetarian society."

Dr. Brenda Andrieu
Middlebury, Vermont, USA

"My name is Will Tuttle. I live in Northern California, near San Francisco in Healdsburg. I've been a vegan for almost 20 years, and I'd say it appeals to me to be aware and conscious of the interconnectedness that we all have with each other. I'm a professional musician. I play the piano, create albums, and travel mostly around the United States, but sometimes around the world, play music, and try to bring this message of the interconnectedness of life, and respecting all life, to people in other parts of the world."

Will Tuttle
Healdsburg, California, USA

[Will Tuttle]

[Brad Wolff] Brad Wolff
Founder, president, and owner of Vegan Foods
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Daniel Dinshah
Malaga, New Jersey, USA
[Daniel Dinshah]

Carol Sue Hunting
Board Chair for Earthsave Seattle
Seattle, Washington, USA
[Carol Sue Hunting]

S??? W???
Sheffield, England
[Shannon ???]

[John D. Turner] John D. Turner
Sheffield, England

Photographs compiled by Mark Wisdom

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