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England: early 19th Century
Alcott House (1838-1848)

From the UK Census, June 6, 1841:
(y/n is whether or not born in the same county - some names almost illegible)
The House occupied a four acre plot of land.

Ham Common North, Alcot (sic) House Academy

Henry Wright 25 School Master n
- Henry Gardiner Wight, headmaster, went to America the following year, but parted from the others before Fruitlands. Lived with Mary Gove Nichols for a while, then back to London.

Elizabeth Wright 20 (no occupation) n
- Henry's wife, their first child was born the following year. Initial plan was for them to follow Henry to America, but he came back before they got that far.

Mary Wright 20 Housekeeper n
George Wright 15 Teacher n
- these two presumably related to Henry, but details unknown

George Pitt 15 Teacher n
Robert Porter 15 Teacher y
Harriet Porter 3 pupil y
Henry Porter 2 pupil y
Margaret ?? 14 pupil n
Thomas ?? 10 pupil n
Logan? ?? 8 pupil n
Maria Pickford 15 pupil n
Hellen Pickford 8 pupil n
Thomas Pickford 5 pupil n
Richard Birch 12 pupil n
Thomasin Birch 6 pupil n
Je?? Chillingworth 10 pupil n
Sophia Jenkins 14 pupil n
Sarah Elliott 12 pupil y
Mary Gertrude 13 pupil y
Mary Barber 7 pupil n
Elizabeth Hepburn 9 pupil
Mary ?? 3 pupil n
Henry Hade? 9 pupil n
Stephen Leaf 6 pupil n
Bruce Finlet 13 pupil n
Jacob Finley 11 pupil n
William Lane 9 pupil n
- son of Charles Lane who was living in central London. Father & son both went to America and lived with the Alcott family before and during Fruitlands. William was one year older than Louisa May Alcott.

Mary Pickford 15 pupil n

total 5 staff, plus head's wife, and 23 pupils, age 2 to 15 = 31 occupants.

The business manager of the school was William Oldham, but he clearly wasn't living there. James Pierrepont Greaves, the founder, never lived there either.