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England: early 19th Century
The Truth Tester and Vegetarian Advocate

Truth Tester 1846-1848

Published by Houlston and Stoneman London 1847/48
Took over from earlier journals which are lost. One book contianing two volumes is held by The Vegetarian Society.
Editor, William Horsell, at Northwood Villa, Ramsgate.

The issues are undated but the earliest letters are from Aug. 1846. Vol. 1 p.66 refers to the New Year of 1847, and is clearly 1846/47, it runs to p.146. Vol. II (in the same binder) is 1847/48, last letter May 1848, and includes the formation of The Vegetarian Society in Sep. 1847.

Vegetarian Advocate 1848-1850

Published by William Horsell, London undated

Replaced the Truth Tester. Vol. I is 1848/49; Vol. II 1849/50. Issues mostly undated but earliest letter is June 1848; Vol. II begins Sep. 1849, last letter June 1850.

By 1850 the Vegetarian Messenger had been started in Manchester, this took over from the Vegetarian Advocate, but the two seem to been published at the same time for a while. The Messenger was then in continuous publication until 1958.