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No. 1 Vol. 2 - THE VEGETARIAN - SPRING 1948 pp.31-32



From Manchester comes the news of the retirement of Mr. James Hough from the Secretaryship of the Vegetarian Society after nearly thirty-four years service - a record of which he may be proud, for in this time he has done much to further the cause of vegetarianism not only Britain but internationally.

Now, in his seventy-fifth year, Mr. Hough has been a vegetarian for nearly fifty years; and attended The Vegetarian Society Jubilee Celebrations in 1897. It seems a fitting climax to half a century of devoted service to food reform that he should have been responsible for the Society's recent Centenary Celebrations.

It is not generally known that Mr. Hough has, for some years, been Chairman of the Committee of Vegetarian Interests - an important Committee linking representatives of the suppliers of vegetarian foods and the Vegetarian Societies with the Ministry of Food.

Friends and many delegates from other countries will remember his lively presence and friendliness at the International Conference at Stonehouse, and will know that his retirement from office does not mean a retirement from active interest in vegetarianism - The Society will still have the benefit of his services as consultant and lecturer.

We join in wishing Mr. Hough a very happy and well-earned rest from the onerous duties he has carried out so efficiently.


It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Mr. H. H. Jones, B.A., as Secretary of The Vegetarian Society on the retirement of Mr. Hough.

Mr. Jones, who has been a vegetarian over thirty years, has been working quietly behind the scenes since 1923, and during the past nineteen years has been a part time Assistant Secretary. His appointment comes as a fitting tribute and appreciation of his service to the Society and vegetarianism.

He has represented The Vegetarian Society at several international congresses, and at Stonehouse gave a brilliantly comprehensive lecture on Food and Famine: A World Survey. As Marion Reid wrote at the time, " His masterly handling of this subject showed him to be a man of great gifts."

Mr. Jones brings great accomplishments as well as a profound knowledge of dietetics to his task, for he is a Chartered Secretary, specializing in Company Law, and graduated at Manchester University in Economics and Commerce and was at one time on the administrative staff of Manchester Municipal College of Technology and Secretary to the Faculty of Teachers in Commerce.

We should like to assure him of our desire to cooperate fully in furthering the cause to which he has already contributed so ably.

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