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The Vegetarian World Forum
No. 3 Vol. VIII - AUTMN 1954 p.36:

Dr A. Eytan, of Israel
(Vegetarian-Naturalist Society of Israel)

LEGEND tells of R. Simon Bar Yohay, how he lived for twenty years hiding from the persecution of the Roman authorities in a cave near the village of Peki'in in Galilee, and how to one side of his cave issued a crystal clear spring of water. The spring and the entrance to the cave were arched by the sheltering branches of an ancient carob tree which, by its abundant foliage, spread refreshing shade. The legend proceeds to relate how in all those twenty years R. Simon Bar Yohay lived only on the carob pods and the fresh water of the spring, and how, during the years of his life, he wrote the Zohar, the crowning glory of his literary work.

On Lag Be'Omer of the year 5714, the Vegetarian-Naturalists from all over the State of Israel gathered together at Zikhron-Jacob in order to create the framework for their national Vegetarian-Naturalist Society. We may surely consider it a good omen that this significant step was taken on a holiday intimately associated with the name of an eminent representative of vegetarianism in the history of the Jewish people.

One of those present at the meeting very aptly remarked that vegetarianism is a golden key to a beautiful and well-balanced life and indeed the vegetarian-naturalist gateway opens on to a life of health, cheerfulness and happiness.

It is our common aim to hand this golden key to every Jew so that the vegetarian movement may spread among all our race.

We Vegetarian-Naturalists believe that a world of brotherly love and peace can only be built on those principles which we advocate.

We must rise above all those differences of views and shades of opinion which are represented in our association and together serve as an example of fairmindedness, tolerance and unity. This we recognise will be the constant test of our newly-formed Vegetarian-Naturalist Society of Israel.


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