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is now open to all vegetarians. The subscription is £1 annually (or equivalent in overseas currency). Members will receive regularly by post a copy of

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Please send your subscriptions to the Hon. General Secretary, International Vegetarian Union, Mr. Geoffrey L. Rudd, c/o The Vegetarian Society, Bank Square, Wilmslow, Cheshire.

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Illustrated Souvenir

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of the 15th World Vegetarian Congress - India 1957

A handsome volume of 400 pages, of crown size, compiled and printed in INDIA on antique paper and containing photographs of eminent vegetarians of the world. This unique and comprehensive publication has been aptly described as "an encyclopaedia on vegetarianism," and as such should serve as a useful handbook and guide to all who are vegetarian, or who wish to become vegetarian.

A limited quantity of copies available.
ONLY 10/- or $1.50, POST FREE
Write for your copy NOW to:-
149 Schroff Bazar, Bombay 3, India

Or to:-
Mr HARRY HARRIS, F.C.A., Gen, Sec. I.V.U.
5 Lydford Road, London, N.W.2.


WORLD FORUM - No. 2 Vol. XII - JULY 1958

  • Readers' Forum
  • Editorial : The International Vegetarian Union : celebrating its jubilee, 1908-1958
  • What is Poliomyelitis? - M. Beddow Bayly, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  • The Bull of Mithras - Esme Wynne-Tyson
  • IVU News - the Hon. General Secretary will be glad to have news items of general interest from Vegetarian Societies and Vegetarians everywhere[includes all below]
    - New Appointments
    - Magazine Merger
    - Athletic Achievements
    - Memoranda to Governments
    - Poisonous Pesticides
    - Parent, Please Note
    - Infantile Scurvy in Canada
    - Great Swedish Vegetarian
    - "Having Fun with Your Food"
    - Test Tube Blood
    - May Meetings
    - American Conference
    - The London Buddhist Vihara
    - Vegetarian Hotel in Austria
    - Non-Hurting
    - World Day for Animals
    - News of Canadian Activities
    - Menace to American Food
    - Humane Slaughter in the U.S.A.
    - More News from Canada
    - New Society in Ghana
    - Officers of the International Vegetarian Union [and Affiliated Societies]
  • The Vegetarian Home for Children (Jersey C.I.)
  • Human Radio - Olive Murphy
  • Murder in the Womb - Mark Everley
  • A City Reborn - Helen and Scott Nearing
  • No Soil Upturned - R. Dalziel O'Brien
  • Books
WORLD FORUM is the official organ of the International Vegetarian Union (by arrangement with the publishers). Communications to the I.V.U. should be addressed to the Honorary General Secretary, Mr. Geoffrey L. Rudd, c/o The Vegetarian Society, Bank Square, Wilmslow, Cheshire.

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