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from the European Vegetarian Union
Europäischen Vegetarier Union - Euxropa Vegetarana Unuigxo - Europeiska Vegetariska Föreningen - La Unión Vegetariana Europea - Euroopan Vegetaristiyhdistys - Union Végétarienne Européenne - Europæiske Vegetar Uniun

Issue 4 - Numero 4 - Ausgabe 4
- Número 4 - Numéro 4 / 1996




image: Sigrid

Editorial from
the Secretary

Dear Readers and Friends,

The outgoing year was very important for the vegetarian movement: never before in history has there been so much talk, writing or discussion in such a detailed way about the meatless diet world-wide. I am afraid to say that it was not only due to our efforts but mostly due to the many meat scandals, especially the BSE (mad cow) disease. "Are Vegetarians Right After All?", "Only Long term Vegetarians Are Safe!" and similar big headlines could be read in the newspapers. The voices about not getting enough protein and iron have become quiet. On the contrary "vegetarian studies" have been quoted often and the only thing that has remained for meat eaters to cling to is Vitamin B12 in the vegan or completely plant based nutrition.

There is still a lot of work to do. The best way is to do it with your own example: Be a "confessing vegetarian or vegan"! Tell people what you eat, cook, because I noticed that the biggest problem for people who want to change is, what to eat once the meat is left off.

In this edition you will find some more significant lectures from the IVU Congress in Johnstown, more articles on various subjects and other information that might be useful to you.

There are several new or interesting books reviewed which tempt you to buy them or to give them as a present to some "future vegetarian".

As you can read from the short report from John Davis about EVU and the Internet there has been ten-fold increase in readers during the last year. Just imagine if the number of vegetarians increased from 3% to 30% in one year!

I would like to draw your attention to the EVU Congress in Italy next year: I have seen the place and it’s simply wonderful! We are working hard to make sure that you will attend a congress with a lot of information, occasions to meet old and new friends, to see a beautiful part of Italy and to taste the famous (vegetarian) Italian cuisine.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy vegetarian/vegan New Year to all of you!

Yours sincerely
Sigrid De Leo