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Burton Greene (1937- )

Burton Greene (born June 14, 1937) is a free jazz pianist born in Chicago, Illinois, though most known for his work in New York City. He has explored a variety of genres, including avant-garde jazz and the Klezmer medium.

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Narada Burton Greene; Composer, Pianist, Arranger; Jazz, World Music, Klezmer, Electronics, etc.

photo right from the East West Trio, 1973

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. . . austere vegetarian and yogi, Burton Greene . . .

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. . . It was Satchidananda who gave me the name Narada in 1974. . . We're all part of the same organic connection. Our existence is dependent on co-existence; the destruction of any other element is tantamount to our destruction. Until now there's been a cycle of animals surviving by eating other animals - maybe now we can change some of that, move towards a holistic universe which can allow for all elements to survive.


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