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Bola Sete (1923-87 )

Bola Sete (born Djalma de Andrade) was a Brazilian guitarist born on July 16, 1923 in Rio de Janeiro and who died on February 14, 1987 in Greenbrae, California. Sete played jazz with Vince Guaraldi as well as with Dizzy Gillespie. His song "Bettina" was featured on the "Tribe Vibes" breakbeat compilation, as it had been sampled by the musical group A Tribe Called Quest.

from, Bola Sete biography

In 1967, Sete left Guaraldi and put together his own Brazilian trio with Sebastiao Neto and drummer Paulhino. When the group broke up later in the 1960s, Sete was middle-aged, overweight, and at a crossroads. He stopped performing and started meditating and doing hatha yoga regularly. He gave up his meat and potatoes diet and became a vegetarian.

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