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Guavaberry Wine ( Virgin Islands/St. Martin)
From: WizzyTheStick

"A traditional Christmas liqueur that is popular in the Virgin Islands and St. Martin. The Virgin Islands own Cruzan Rum is used but you can substitute your favourite Caribbean Rum. This recipe is by Carol M. Bareuther who says that the secret of a good guavaberry wine is to use some of the previous years batch in the present one. Have not made this myself but tasted it while on holiday in Tortola, BVI. Will make this as soon as I find some guavaberries. I suspect that that they may go by a different name on my island, hence the reason I'm having trouble finding them." - WizzyTheStick,  (2006, Dec 28), posted on (reproduced with permission)

SERVES 24 , 4 ounce servings

  • 1 lb red guavaberry
  • 1 lb yellow guavaberry
  • 1 lb brown sugar
  • 2 (750 ml) bottles rum
  • 1 lb prune
  • 1 lb raisins
  • 3 vanilla beans
  • 1 lb sorrel
  • 1/2 lb gingerroot
  • 3 cinnamon sticks

Rinse berries with a small amount of water. Clean by popping berries and removing seeds. Rinse seeds, strain and save liquid. Put seedless berries into a large pot, but reserve ½-cup yellow and ½-cup red berries for later use. Add liquid saved from rinsing seeds into the pot and add brown sugar.

Boil mixture until berries are soft. The juice should be a medium syrup consistency or sticky when cool. Mash or grind berries that were saved and mix with strongest old rum available. To the cooled mixture, add prunes, raisins, vanilla beans, sorrel, ginger root and cinnamon bark. Pour into bottles, cork and wire down securely. Store in a dark place or cellar for several months. When guavaberry liqueur is fully ripened (the taste will tell), strain and re-bottle for use.

Note: Be careful - guavaberries can leave a permanent stain.